BrightRoll Launches First To Market HD Video Advertising Unit

The leader in programmatic video solutions

Yesterday, BrightRoll announced the release of an exciting new product – HD video ad units that scale across 65% of the BrightRoll publisher network. This first to market offering – near full screen ads in high definition – represent a quantum leap in both video quality and ad effectiveness for online video advertisers. Here is the press release.

We continue to be focused building online video advertising solutions that are more impactful (bigger and higher quality), more effective (higher engagement and click through rate) and highly scalable (reaches over 65% of the BrightRoll network).

We are excited that this new ad unit delivers on all fronts and is a true innovation in the video ad category. In addition, the response to this new ad unit has been overwhelmingly positive. We have already signed up multiple advertisers in the entertainment and technology verticals, and we are expecting HD ads to represent at least 10% of our business this calendar year.

It is clear that innovations involving high quality and HD video, which impact file size and therefore streaming costs, will likely not come from the high volume video sites which typically drive video innovation. This is because most high volume video sites have yet to generate a profit and streaming higher quality or HD video files simply accelerates an upside down business model.

On the contrary, our business model is based on delivering an increasing amount of value for our advertising clients on every ad we serve, so our incentive is to deliver the best quality experience that is technically possible. This is the most recent step in our efforts to add additional value to the online video advertising process for advertisers and agencies, and we are looking forward to additional announcements coming soon.

Here is screenshot of the ad unit:

Here is some of the press on the announcement: