What’s it Like to Work at BrightRoll? Summer Engineering Intern TJ Koblentz Tells All

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Engineering at BrightRoll was everything I hoped for in a summer internship — and more. All my colleagues were super bright, friendly and more than a pleasure to work with. I was given tasks that made me feel like a real part of the team and even helped in debugging real company problems that arose outside of my official working hours — yes, I even enjoyed taking work home with me on the ferry rides and idling in ‘work’ chat at home.

TJ Koblentz as sous chef at the BrightRoll engineering "CrabFest"

Aside from all the coding fun (don’t laugh), I had way too much not-coding fun with everyone on the team. We’d often go to lunch together, where I trained my chopstick skills and discovered that pho was, by and large, the most difficult food to eat. I struggled through a test of endurance as I was convinced to take part in a “Suicide Burrito Eating Competition,” which I placed third in (total number of competitors is irrelevant).

I really couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity and feeling of accomplishment than BrightRoll provided me this summer. I’m excited for my senior year of college, but it goes without saying that I’ll miss my friends and the time I spent with the entire team immensely.

I just felt like I was part of a tight-knit team working on something really important. I felt very included and liked that I had the freedom to contribute in many ways. I asked — and was granted — the opportunity to sit in on what we call “tribals” where engineering candidates are evaluated for hire and had one-on-ones with Adolfo to discuss recruiting. I learned so much that wasn’t necessarily in the job description because I was around great people who were forgiving of my over-curiosity and minor annoyingness. I owe it all to the team.

— By TJ Koblentz, summer engineering intern