Top 5 Reasons Scott Nishida Loves Working at BrightRoll

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Ever wonder what it’s like to work at BrightRoll? Well let me tell you it’s pretty cool. But don’t take my word for it. We’ve invited BrightRoll employees to share what they love about their company and why they get out of bed in the morning to work here.

Scott Nishida works at BrightRoll headquarters in San Francisco where he serves as a manager for the BrightRoll Exchange, also known as BRX. Scott has been with the company for almost 18 months and spends his time managing client relationships, educating clients and prospective clients on the BRX value proposition, and helping grow the exchange business.

In his own words, here’s why Scott loves working at BrightRoll.

1. People – You’ll probably see this one a lot, but the collection of talented individuals at BrightRoll is pretty phenomenal, especially considering that we have been able to maintain the open, friendly environment that most startups strive for.

2. Culture – I’ve got to say, I’m kind of worried that our straight-out-of-college new hires are going to have a skewed view of “working in the real world” because the executives here sincerely care about the happiness and quality of life for employees across the board. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case at most companies!

3. Opportunities for advancement – Many organizations will hire a person to do a job; BrightRoll hires people to fill a need. More than that, BrightRoll encourages employees to grow and develop into roles that may not have existed before.

4. Benefits – Although related to culture, the medical, dental and vision benefits have always been great, and continue to get better.

5. Food – Being a lover of food, it’s nice that BrightRoll provides lunches and breakfasts on the regular. Between catered lunches, breakfast pastries, oatmeal days and happy hours, BrightRoll keeps us well fed. We can even request special snacks or lunch items.

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