Re-Space, Not Replace

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According to Nielsen’s App Playbook, more than half of the TV watching audience multitasks on the Internet while watching TV. Surprised? Daryl McNutt, BrightRoll SVP of research and marketing, is not.  Daryl explains his thoughts on digital advertising in his recent VideoInsider post “Re-Space, Not Replace” and asks the question: Where should advertisers allocate their video budgets?

Advertisers don’t necessarily need to replace TV advertising with online video, they should allocate at least part of their budgets to digital video. And the proof is in the pudding. A recent Nielsen/IAB study found that people who saw a video ad across all “four screens” (computer+smartphone+tablet+connected TV) correctly recalled the ad 74 percent of the time, an increase from a 50 percent ad recall when they saw the video on TV only.

The data shows that the question is not whether advertisers should allocate some of their budget to digital, but rather, how much of their budget should be allocated to digital? Read the full article here to learn more about the benefits of broadening campaigns to the four screens of digital video.