The BrightRoll Video Summit in Toronto is almost here

Register today to join more than 350 of the top players in the digital advertising ecosystem including brand marketers, agencies and publishers who will be part of the industry’s premier programmatic video advertising event.

The second annual  BrightRoll Video Summit will be hosted at the Arcadian Court in Toronto on Wednesday, October 29. This invitation-only event showcases the latest programmatic technologies and collaborative solutions for digital video buyers and sellers. Join us to hear industry leaders share their thoughts on how programmatic technologies are driving massive change while impacting video ad spending and ROI.

For more details and to register for the event, visit the BrightRoll Video Summit website.

BrightRoll-Commissioned Study Conducted by Nielsen Reveals How Mobile Video Complements TV

TV has long been the primary advertising vehicle for the world’s largest brand marketers. While it remains the “first screen,” video consumption on mobile devices is increasing at record levels. This evolution has created a dramatic shift in consumer behavior, forcing many a brand marketer to rethink their media buying strategies so they can put their message where audiences are most engaged.

Conducted by Nielsen, the BrightRoll-commissioned study was the first-of-its-kind to examine media efficiency across TV and mobile video. The goal of the study was to determine how the pairing of mobile and TV advertising can build incremental reach for brand advertisers and improve cost efficiency, against increasingly fragmented audiences.

Some of the key findings from the study revealed:

  • Mobile video complemented with TV can easily increase a marketer’s targeted reach by as much as 12.7 percent (CPG targeting females 25-54); and
  • As video consumption on mobile devices continues to accelerate, complementing TV buys with an incremental investment in a mobile video advertising strategy will significantly reduce cost per point.

To learn more about this study and how brand marketers can leverage TV and mobile video, download Mobile Video Advertising Strengthens TV Media Investments.

Four Ways BrightRoll Helps Advertisers Optimize Programmatic Video Campaigns

In his keynote at the Fall 2014 BrightRoll Video Summit in New York and Toronto, BrightRoll CEO & Founder Tod Sacerdoti shared insights about how programmatic video advertising powers campaign optimization. These topics are not just relevant to advertisers today – they are central to why advertisers choose programmatic video and how they can get the most for their money. In his keynote, Tod shared BrightRoll data and insights on audience verification, third-party data, viewability and how programmatic optimizations on the BrightRoll platform drive KPI improvements and save advertisers money. 


Use Optimization to Improve Click-Through and Completed View Rates
The first insight that Tod shared was that campaigns programmatically optimized to click-through rate (CTR) and completed view rate (CVR) showed a dramatic increase of 10% in CTRs, the primary campaign goal. Optimizing for CTR also decreased cost per click by 28%, achieving greater efficiency for advertisers.

BrightRoll, Tod noted, has observed similar results in programmatic optimizations for CVR. Set as the primary KPI, campaigns successfully achieved this goal an average of 8% above manually optimized campaigns with a 16% drop in cost per completed view.


 BrightRoll Programmatic Optimization Completed View Rate (CVR) Lift +8% CPCV -15%

Optimize to In-Target Audience to Increase Lift
The second insight that Tod reviewed was that programmatic optimizations drove a 41% improvement to the in-target composition of the campaign. Additionally, the eCPM decreased by 22%, achieving greater in-target performance and driving real economic efficiencies.


BrightRoll Programmatic Optimization Audience Optimization Works Lift +41% in-target eCPM -22%

Combine Optimization and Third-Party Data To Reduce CPM
The third insight that Tod discussed was the pairing of programmatic optimization and third-party data. Tod revealed that across both mobile and desktop devices, pairing programmatic optimization with third-party data segments proved even more effective in reaching audiences than optimizations alone. This pairing also saw lower CPMs across devices: 39% decrease on desktop, and 26% decrease on mobile devices.


BrightRoll Programmatic Optimization Desktop Lift +42% in-target eCPM -39% Mobile Lift +45% in-target eCPM -26%

Optimize for Viewability To Improve Performance Across Brand Metrics
The fourth insight that Tod conveyed was that campaigns optimized for higher viewability rate resulted in higher brand lift and viewability — 37% more effective than manual optimization. As with other KPIs analyzed, BrightRoll saw a 15% decrease in the cost per viewable impression. Programmatic optimizations also affected improvements in key brand metrics: awareness, recall, perception and intent.

Learn more about the NYC BrightRoll Video Summit here or download our viewability whitepaper to learn more about viewability and video advertising.

Note: All results and improvements are measured against benchmarks established based on data from manually-optimized campaigns on the BrightRoll platform.


In its fourth year, the BrightRoll Video Summit has evolved into one of the industry’s largest programmatic video advertising events, with attendance increasing every year. This fall’s summit features insights from ad tech industry leaders who will explore the critical issues and key opportunities in programmatic video. To maximize attendee experience, here are a few tips to prepare for the BrightRoll Video Summit:

Fully charge your mobile device and get ready to tweet
BrightRoll will tweet live during the summit so be sure to have Twitter ready to go on your personal mobile device so you can retweet from the @BrightRoll handle or contribute original content to the #BRVS Twitter thread. Please remember to keep devices on silent while the sessions are taking place.

Brainstorm hot topics and get ready to ask questions
The audience will have the opportunity to submit questions directly to panelists via Twitter using the #BRVS hashtag. Selected questions will be displayed on stage and addressed by speakers at the end of each session.

Bring plenty of business cards and get ready to mingle
The BrightRoll Video Summit brings together more than 600 brand marketers, agencies, publishers and ad tech influencers from across the industry, providing an exclusive opportunity to network and foster professional connections. Be sure to arrive early to catch the breakfast networking opportunity and stay after the event’s session discussions to enjoy a complimentary  lunch while connecting with peers and colleagues.

BrightRoll Video Summit is sure to be an invaluable experience for all in attendance and we look forward to seeing you there! The event will be held at Gotham Hall in New York on Wednesday, October 1, from 8:00am – 1:30pm ET. Visit the BrightRoll Video Summit website for more details on the agenda and industry leaders speaking at the event.

BRVS Speaker Spotlight: Q&A with James Shears from DISH Media Sales

The BrightRoll Video Summit is a great opportunity for marketers and ad tech professionals to learn about the latest trends in digital video advertising. The event brings together industry experts to explore and share insights on the latest advancements and challenges in video ad tech.

We’re excited to have James Shears, General Manager of Addressable at DISH Media Sales, join us to share his expertise on the state of programmatic TV advertising. Check out the Q&A with James below to learn more about his industry experience, his POV on programmatic TV and what he plans to dive into during his panel session at the BrightRoll Video Summit.

Tell us about your background and the current role you play for your company?
Prior to my current role within DISH Media Sales I spent about ten years in pricing and strategy roles in ad sales organizations for national cable networks. During that time I was focused heavily on pricing strategies, yield management and inventory package generation. More recently I have taken the position of General Manager, Addressable. This is more of a product based role with focus on how to scale addressable advertising. Given the scale question, my responsibilities also include being the head of our programmatic initiative.

What is the state of programmatic TV in the market today?
Programmatic TV is currently in the infancy stage. Most everyone is focused on beta and test buys to see what works. There are a number of questions that need answering from both the buyers and sellers in the marketplace. The first is really for the sellers and that’s primarily around monetization strategy. Is it more appropriate to leverage this space to sell long tail inventory by packaging data? Should the focus lie more on programmatic direct deals? The answer probably lies somewhere in between.

The second, and more difficult question, is around technology. The technology on the digital side is the foundation for the ecosystem. Though monetization strategies are still being determined in some instances, the technology is available to drive the business where the demand side or supply side want to go. On the TV side, operators and networks will need to invest in their infrastructure in order to leverage the programmatic space. There are traffic and billing systems in place that handle vast amounts of transactions daily and to add to their complexities will require time and money to get it right.

I think it’s probably appropriate to think of programmatic TV in stages. We, at DISH, live by the crawl, walk, run mantra and if we’re all in agreement that this will evolve over time, I think we’ll be positioned to see the space in linear TV expand.

What topic(s) are you most looking forward to diving into during your panel session at the summit?
I am really looking forward to getting deeper into the current state of programmatic TV and how we can work together to keep this platform moving forward. I hope to provide understanding of how the landscape is different in the linear space. Though there are some antiquated systems in TV, they work well and continue to handle large amounts of business (from both a transactional and revenue perspective).  I think the biggest take-away for me is that I truly believe we need to look at this space as an evolution. If we work in stages, we can continue the testing phase already in existence and get much needed learnings on how to move forward.

Join us at the BrightRoll Video Summit to take a deeper dive on programmatic TV advertising as James joins Chris Faw, SVP, Operations at Time Warner Cable on a panel moderated by BrightRoll’s SVP of Business Development, Brent Horowitz.

BrightRoll Takes Home Three Stevie Awards

BrightRoll was recognized by The American Business Awards with Stevies in three different categories, highlighting our company, console and CEO. The Stevie Awards are the world’s premier business awards, which honor the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and people worldwide. Award categories and ranking for BrightRoll include:

BrightRoll is extremely proud to be named alongside so many outstanding companies and individuals – congrats to each of you.

For more on BrightRoll follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Increase targeting efficiencies with bundle management: new to the BrightRoll console

Advertisers want to meet campaign goals with precision including all targeting parameters which ensure the right video ad reaches the right audience at the right time.

With the new bundle management feature from BrightRoll, console users can plan their inventory targeting strategy to create and manage site bundles and smart bundles directly in the console. BrightRoll provides full transparency into the specific sites that are included in a bundle, which enables advertisers to confidently use them across the platform and over multiple campaigns, thereby saving time and increasing efficiency.

How is a sitelist and a smart bundle different?

Sitelist bundles: are static bundles that users build by selecting desired inventory from the results that match filter preferences or by importing from a CSV file

Smart bundles: are dynamic bundles that automatically update user-targeted inventory daily based on selected filter preferences BrightRoll inventory targeting filters incorporate IAB Quality Assurance Guidelines (2.0) and other strategic parameters that provide console buyers transparent inventory characteristics:

  • Ad placement
  • Content categories
  • Content characteristics
  • End-user device
  • Site specific
  • Audience
  • Viewability
  • Performance
  • Check out more about the BrightRoll console and the suite of features transforming programmatic buying at scale.

Reach Hispanics with Mobile Video

As audience targeting develops into a key pillar of digital media strategy, marketers are shifting their focus toward Hispanics. Not only are they the fastest growing population in the US but they are ahead of the curve in terms of digital media. Hispanics’ affinity toward mobile and digital video is unsurpassed by any other audience- so much so that they’re referred to by Nielsen as the “Digital Trailblazers”.

According to PwC, 43 percent of US Hispanics stream mobile video and 37 percent download mobile video on a weekly basis, compared to 25% and 17% for the same behaviors for non-hispanics. Their vast consumption of mobile video along with their purchasing power introduces endless opportunities for marketers to reach them.

Most recently we caught a glimpse of how great this opportunity can be through the record breaking World Cup viewership. Univision Deportes reports their app was downloaded upwards of 3.4 million during this time. Additionally mobile traffic was up, with 87 percent of its online audience tuning in via connected devices compared to just 37 percent during the 2010 World Cup.

The main contributors drawing Hispanics to mobile video is the convenience and cost efficiency. Hispanics tend to live in urban areas and are always on the go. Therefore, mobile caters to their lifestyles in ways other mediums cannot. Based on Experian Simmons, Hispanics over-index in mobile video consumption at all hours of the day but they’re especially engaged from 7:00am -2:00pm local time. The second largest factor enticing Hispanics to mobile video is the affordability. Compared to cable or satellite subscriptions, mobile streaming is a better budget pleaser. According to Experian Simmons, 13 percent of Hispanics in the US are cord cutters meaning marketers should adopt a healthy media mix. Understanding Hispanics and their digital behaviors will allow marketers to truly make an impact with this audience.

For the month of June, comScore reported, 21 million Hispanics watch digital video every month. BrightRoll can help brands and advertisers reach 76 percent of Hispanics with digital video.

Life at BrightRoll Video Series: Join our Business Operations and Platform Solutions Teams

Business operations and platform solutions work in collaboration to onboard the advertisers, publishers and partners that make up the BrightRoll ecosystem. These teams are at the core of our business, seeking to find the best solutions for our clients while building one of the largest marketplaces in the world. Looking for a job that really makes an impact? Come help us build upon one of the best video ad platforms in the industry.

Are you a perfect fit for these teams? Check out our open positions and apply for your new dream job.

Life at BrightRoll Video Series: What it’s like to work on our Media Team

The BrightRoll media operations team executes and optimizes campaigns for the company’s full service customers, providing custom creative implementations, data and analytics, and end-to-end campaign management. They are tight knit group that plays a vital function for the company, but they also know how to have fun. Want to learn more? Watch the video below and see what your life could be like on the media team at BrightRoll.

Want to join our media team? If you said yes, then lucky for you because we’re hiring—take a look at our open positions.