What the MRAID Video Addendum Means for Mobile Video

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MRAID mobile video

Today, the IAB announced the release of the MRAID Video Addendum. This addendum, which specifically addresses in-app mobile video advertising, covers an aspect of the industry that’s been overlooked by existing standards. Read more…

March Round-Up: It’s All About the Madness

Elan SamuelElan Samuel is a content writer at BrightRoll. He enjoys a well-crafted meme, reading fantasy and science fiction, and learning new things. He swears by the Oxford comma, and is elated by perfectly formed 140 character tweets.

March Madness

March Madness™ — one of the most-watched sporting events in the US — will swing into the Elite Eight™ this weekend. Throughout the month, digital video advertisers will also face off, fighting to ensure they reach their target audience, and stand out from the growing crowd. Read more…

What You Need to Know About Online GRP: 2015 Update!

Sable MiSable Mi is the Senior Director of Research and Strategic Planning at BrightRoll, leading BrightRoll's agency research team. She is heavily involved in new research product development, with a focus on mobile and cross-platform measurement.

measuring online GRP

Almost two years ago, BrightRoll published a whitepaper about online GRP (or iGRP). In this industry a lot can happen in two years, and exciting new developments have certainly taken place. To help you stay up-to-date on this interesting topic, we’ve decided to revisit the subject. Read more…

INFOGRAPHIC: How Private Marketplaces Benefit Advertisers and Publishers

Maggie JonesMaggie Jones is a senior content writer at BrightRoll, a casual reader of the Chicago Manual of Style, and a beef jerky aficionado. She loves information that tells stories, from long-form journalism to the tiniest tweets.

invtation private marketplace inforgraphic


For video advertisers and publishers, the advantages of programmatic video are clear. The ability to automate buying, evaluate impressions by their individual worth, and use data far beyond the scope of traditional buying gives players on both sides a critical competitive advantage.

But when it comes to premium inventory (the most high-quality, valuable video inventory on the market), some publishers hesitate to sell through an open marketplace. In an open marketplace, prices are difficult to control, and sometimes the highest bidder isn’t a good match for a publisher’s premium inventory. Read more…

Want to Help Close the Gender Gap? Mentor a Future Engineer

Sonia FajardoSonia Fajardo is a software engineer at BrightRoll. She does back-end development for the team in charge of optimizing the BrightRoll Marketplace. Sonia enjoys road cycling, traveling, and all things technology related.

engineering mentor

As a software engineer, I have been part of a small minority of women engineers at every company I’ve worked. In fact, in one of my former companies I was the only female engineer.  Combined with the lack of women in leadership positions, finding female mentors and role models has been very difficult. This lack of diversity in the technology industry, in Silicon Valley and beyond, motivated me to get involved.

Recently, engineers at BrightRoll connected with Hackbright Academy, an engineering school for women. Read more…

Programmatic Video: Who Buys It? Who Sells It?

Maggie JonesMaggie Jones is a senior content writer at BrightRoll, a casual reader of the Chicago Manual of Style, and a beef jerky aficionado. She loves information that tells stories, from long-form journalism to the tiniest tweets.

programmatic buyers sellers

Just getting started with programmatic video? You’ve probably noticed that many types of organization are involved in video buys. You’ve got your ATDs, DSPs, and your SSPs. You’ve got your ad exchanges, and you’ve got your ad networks. All of the terminology gets difficult to parse. (To grasp this in a single glance, you might want to check out the video lumascape, which shows how vast and varied the digital video ecosystem is.)

To help sort out the programmatic players, this blog post will lay out how buyers, sellers, exchanges, and data providers interact. Read more…

Hey Brand Managers! 6 Questions to Ask About Your Video Campaigns

Tom YuTom Yu is Senior Director of Marketing at BrightRoll. He appreciates great advertising creative, makes a mean jambalaya, and wants to spread the gospel of programmatic throughout the world.


In the majority of marketing-driven organizations today, brand managers have the final say on their product’s media plan. Far-reaching demands are placed on those brand managers, from volume forecasting to business reviews. This means that media planning often falls entirely to an agency.

Even when brand managers do invest time in media planning, the digital advertising landscape is constantly evolving. Staying completely educated on the latest advancements will challenge even the savviest brand managers. Marketers have only recently become comfortable with SEM tactics and re-targeting strategies, and now our industry is moving toward programmatic buying and cross-device targeting.

To that end, here are six questions that can help brand managers improve their video ad campaigns immediately. Read more…

What is Programmatic Video?

Maggie JonesMaggie Jones is a senior content writer at BrightRoll, a casual reader of the Chicago Manual of Style, and a beef jerky aficionado. She loves information that tells stories, from long-form journalism to the tiniest tweets.

what is programmatic video

Pop quiz: define programmatic video in a single sentence.

Challenging, right? Programmatic video is complex — hard to define in one paragraph, let alone in one sentence. As a result, there’s a certain amount of confusion about what “programmatic” actually means, and some sources define it differently from others. (As an aside, if you can define programmatic video in 140 characters, please tweet it to us @BrightRoll. You may as well tweet us your resume, too.) Read more…

Event Recap: Data Driven Women with Amanda Kahlow

Bea Dominguez is the Talent Community Manager at BrightRoll. She is a storyteller, community builder and technology enthusiast. Bea builds programs that inspire, educate and empower software engineers. Sometimes wishing she was an engineer herself, she works hard to increase diversity in technology and change the male to female ratio in STEM careers and education.

Data Driven Women event

Earlier this year, BrightRoll kicked off our Data Driven Women series with a bang! Our first speaker was Amanda Kahlow, Founder and CEO of 6sense, a leading predictive intelligence startup. Amanda grew up below the poverty line but went on to found and run not one, but two successful big data ventures — first big-data services company CI Insights, next 6sense.

Although Amanda is a rarity in the enterprise and SaaS world (where only 6.5% of venture-backed startups have a female CEO, and only 1.3% of venture-backed startups have a female founder) her struggles are familiar to all entrepreneurs. Here are five pieces of advice from her presentation. Read more…

Why You Need a Media Agnostic DSP

Bruce FalckBruce Falck is the Chief Operating Officer at BrightRoll, overseeing sales, marketing, business development, and operations. Bruce spent 8 years at Google in product management and business leadership roles, and had global responsibility for Double Click's DBM and AdX business lines.


What is Media Agnosticism, and Why is it Important in your DSP?

For advertisers using a DSP (Demand Side Platform) to buy digital video, it’s important that your DSP is media agnostic (sometimes called “media neutral”). A media agnostic DSP ensures that the media purchased on your behalf is always in line with your goals — and nothing else. Your platform of choice should deliver budgets on inventory that best meets your campaign objectives.

Media agnosticism comes down to two things: transparency and control. Read more…