July Round Up: The Death of Television

Elan SamuelElan Samuel is a content writer at BrightRoll. He enjoys a well-crafted meme, reading fantasy and science fiction, and learning new things. He swears by the Oxford comma, and is elated by perfectly formed 140 character tweets.

Across the web, bells are tolling the death knell of television advertising. Not literal bells, of course, but the effect is the same. Blogs are calling the future of TV “bleak,” citing a 5% drop in upfront TV ad spending as a cause for concern for the category. Some commentary goes so far as to say that TV execs should be “terrified.”

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The State of Digital Video and Entertainment: Anytime, Anywhere

Miguel Beteta RodrigoMiguel Beteta Rodrigo is BrightRoll’s Research Manager and a new member of the Category Insights team at Yahoo! Miguel is also pursuing his MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. In his limited free time, he enjoys traveling and playing golf.

state of digital video entertainment

Driven by people’s desire to consume entertainment content anytime and anywhere, video viewership on smartphone and tablet devices is at an all-time high. In fact, according to recent studies, time spent on digital screens now surpasses that of linear TV, and currently more than 200 million online viewers in the US alone watch 95 billion videos each month. Read more…

How to Make Money on Your Website — A Publisher’s Guide

Elan SamuelElan Samuel is a content writer at BrightRoll. He enjoys a well-crafted meme, reading fantasy and science fiction, and learning new things. He swears by the Oxford comma, and is elated by perfectly formed 140 character tweets.

shutterstock_298872083_SMMost of the time when we talk about programmatic video, we talk about buyers — we talk about brands and advertisers, and about the wealth of inventory available to them through programmatic buying. But what about the other side of the fence? Let’s talk about publishers and content owners.

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3 Key Takeaways from the Programmatic Revenue Report

Maggie JonesMaggie Jones is a senior content writer at BrightRoll, a casual reader of the Chicago Manual of Style, and a beef jerky aficionado. She loves information that tells stories, from long-form journalism to the tiniest tweets.

programmatic revenue IAB 2014

Yesterday, the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) published a comprehensive report on programmatic advertising revenue in 2014. With PwC (Pricewaterhouse Coopers), the IAB surveyed and interviewed ad tech vendors, web publishers, ad networks, mobile providers, and other industry players — the common denominator was that these players generated revenue from programmatic.  Read more…

Weak TV Upfronts and the $1 Billion Tsunami

Ashish ChordiaAshish Chordia is Founder and CEO of Alphonso, a market leader providing verified TV audiences and delivering 1-on-1 TV audiences on mobile and web, at scale, across premium apps and sites. Ashish is a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold a mobile app search and analytics company and ran a mobile marketing company servicing Fortune 100 brands.


Upfronts. Once, this was time of the year when large TV spenders met with network executives in large, smoke filled rooms. As recently as 2014, over $20B in advertising spend would be committed over the course of a few weeks (and a fair amount of cognac and cigars). But while the “Mad Men” tradition continues to-date — and this is a very large but — networks are sweating about upfronts today.
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Jointly Flying Mobile Video to New Heights

Derek ChanDerek S. Chan is a Research Analyst from the Agency Research team of the BrightRoll Demand Side Platform (DSP) and the Ad Effectiveness & Analytics team on Yahoo! custom solutions. He currently attends a master’s program at UC Berkeley’s School of Information. In his leisure time, he's portrayed unique characters in 100+ theater performances.


Over 100 million viewers in the U.S. seek mobile video that speaks to and reflects them. What will happen as we (agencies, marketers, BrightRoll, data and research partners, etc.) further mix and stir mobile video with audience targeting and measurement? Perhaps we’ll create a near-magic “potion” that elevates the trajectory of our industry’s upward flight!

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Video Supply Considerations for the Buy Side

John DeFilippisAs Director, Product Commercialization at MediaMath, John DeFilippis is responsible for video strategy and revenue growth, working with clients globally and in collaboration with business units throughout the organization. Prior to MediaMath, John held roles in the market research industry and at ReturnPath, the worldwide leader in email intelligence, in business development, account management and product management.

video considerations buy side

As forecasts for digital video ad spend continue to make headlines, the impact of digital video on media plans has gained industry-wide recognition. In fact, a recent Forrester study found that 77% of advertisers and 70% of agencies plan to increase their video spending in the next two years. And as advertiser interest in digital video continues to rise, the supply side is working to keep pace with demand. Read more…

Digital Video in the UK: No Looking Back

Kathryn StecklerKathryn Steckler is a market research analyst on the BrightRoll research team, focusing on international accounts. As a Cal Band alumnus, she's a die-hard Cal fan (go Bears!). Other passions include her small white dog and the Seattle Seahawks. In her spare time she enjoys sketching, watercolor, and interior decorating.


As the third and final release of this year’s Agency Survey series, we can look at the UK Agency Survey results with a cross-country lens. American and Canadian agencies have spoken —  check out our analyses: Ask An Agency: New Findings from BrightRoll’s 2015 Survey, and 3 Reasons Canadians Need More, Better Research. What can we learn from UK agencies when compared to input from our American and Canadian agency surveys? Here are three takeaways from our survey of agencies across the pond:

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How Proficient Marketplaces Can Help DSPs Make the Most of Programmatic

Gabe ThomasGabe Thomas manages 3rd-party data targeting at BrightRoll, and loves talking about audience segments, DMPs, and all things data-related.


Cultivating good business relationships is at the heart of advertising. It’s tempting to say that things have changed with the advent of a new universe of advertising — digital, and programmatic — but that’s not the case. In March, BrightRoll’s own Brad Piggott penned a post that laid out the importance of business relationships in no uncertain terms. Knowing that relationships are important only gets you so far, however. As a demand side platform (DSP), what should you look for in a marketplace?

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Selling Mobile Video? 3 Blockers and 3 Tips for DSPs

Drew TrombleyDrew Trombley is a Demand Partnerships Manager at BrightRoll, enabling Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) to leverage advanced programmatic video to drive digital video growth across PC, Mobile, Tablet, and Connected TV.

mobile video dsp

Advertisers are spending more and more on mobile video. We already know that video leverages the powers of sight, sound, and motion to help brands connect with buyers. And as we’ve previously written on the blog, mobile video comes with big benefits — ever-connected users, high levels of engagement, and fast-growing audiences, to name a few. Read more…