Increase targeting efficiencies with bundle management: new to the BrightRoll console

Advertisers want to meet campaign goals with precision including all targeting parameters which ensure the right video ad reaches the right audience at the right time.

With the new bundle management feature from BrightRoll, console users can plan their inventory targeting strategy to create and manage site bundles and smart bundles directly in the console. BrightRoll provides full transparency into the specific sites that are included in a bundle, which enables advertisers to confidently use them across the platform and over multiple campaigns, thereby saving time and increasing efficiency.

How is a sitelist and a smart bundle different?

Sitelist bundles: are static bundles that users build by selecting desired inventory from the results that match filter preferences or by importing from a CSV file

Smart bundles: are dynamic bundles that automatically update user-targeted inventory daily based on selected filter preferences BrightRoll inventory targeting filters incorporate IAB Quality Assurance Guidelines (2.0) and other strategic parameters that provide console buyers transparent inventory characteristics:

  • Ad placement
  • Content categories
  • Content characteristics
  • End-user device
  • Site specific
  • Audience
  • Viewability
  • Performance
  • Check out more about the BrightRoll console and the suite of features transforming programmatic buying at scale.

Reach Hispanics with Mobile Video

As audience targeting develops into a key pillar of digital media strategy, marketers are shifting their focus toward Hispanics. Not only are they the fastest growing population in the US but they are ahead of the curve in terms of digital media. Hispanics’ affinity toward mobile and digital video is unsurpassed by any other audience- so much so that they’re referred to by Nielsen as the “Digital Trailblazers”.

According to PwC, 43 percent of US Hispanics stream mobile video and 37 percent download mobile video on a weekly basis, compared to 25% and 17% for the same behaviors for non-hispanics. Their vast consumption of mobile video along with their purchasing power introduces endless opportunities for marketers to reach them.

Most recently we caught a glimpse of how great this opportunity can be through the record breaking World Cup viewership. Univision Deportes reports their app was downloaded upwards of 3.4 million during this time. Additionally mobile traffic was up, with 87 percent of its online audience tuning in via connected devices compared to just 37 percent during the 2010 World Cup.

The main contributors drawing Hispanics to mobile video is the convenience and cost efficiency. Hispanics tend to live in urban areas and are always on the go. Therefore, mobile caters to their lifestyles in ways other mediums cannot. Based on Experian Simmons, Hispanics over-index in mobile video consumption at all hours of the day but they’re especially engaged from 7:00am -2:00pm local time. The second largest factor enticing Hispanics to mobile video is the affordability. Compared to cable or satellite subscriptions, mobile streaming is a better budget pleaser. According to Experian Simmons, 13 percent of Hispanics in the US are cord cutters meaning marketers should adopt a healthy media mix. Understanding Hispanics and their digital behaviors will allow marketers to truly make an impact with this audience.

For the month of June, comScore reported, 21 million Hispanics watch digital video every month. BrightRoll can help brands and advertisers reach 76 percent of Hispanics with digital video.

Life at BrightRoll Video Series: Join our Business Operations and Platform Solutions Teams

Business operations and platform solutions work in collaboration to onboard the advertisers, publishers and partners that make up the BrightRoll ecosystem. These teams are at the core of our business, seeking to find the best solutions for our clients while building one of the largest marketplaces in the world. Looking for a job that really makes an impact? Come help us build upon one of the best video ad platforms in the industry.

Are you a perfect fit for these teams? Check out our open positions and apply for your new dream job.

Life at BrightRoll Video Series: What it’s like to work on our Media Team

The BrightRoll media operations team executes and optimizes campaigns for the company’s full service customers, providing custom creative implementations, data and analytics, and end-to-end campaign management. They are tight knit group that plays a vital function for the company, but they also know how to have fun. Want to learn more? Watch the video below and see what your life could be like on the media team at BrightRoll.

Want to join our media team? If you said yes, then lucky for you because we’re hiring—take a look at our open positions.

Life at BrightRoll Video Series: Spotlight on Engineering

BrightRoll engineers work on projects to address some of the the most interesting and complex challenges in video advertising. Our team has built solutions for the company’s low-latency ad serving platform, which processes tens of thousands of requests per second and billions of events per day through a customizable interface engineered for programmatic buying — and that’s just the beginning. Watch the video below to get a better sense of our culture and what it’s like to be an engineer at BrightRoll.

Join our engineering department and build the next ad tech innovation. Take a look at our open positions and show us how you roll.

Introducing the Life at BrightRoll Video Series

BrightRoll recognizes that a strong and positive culture is fundamental to a company’s success. Working at BrightRoll means you’ll be surrounded by smart, passionate, driven, creative and fun-loving people — people who care about inspiring their colleagues and want to make a real impact through their work. If that inspires you, watch the video below to learn more about the company’s values and just how awesome it is to work at BrightRoll.

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TechWomen Selects Three BrightRoll Leaders for Mentor Program

We’re excited to share that three lucky individuals from BrightRoll have been selected as mentors for the Institute of International Education’s TechWomen program.

TechWomen is an initiative of the U.S. Department of State that empowers, connects, and supports the next generation of women leaders from Africa and the Middle East in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Evan Ryan, Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs, points to TechWomen as “one of the U.S. government’s flagship public diplomacy programs aimed at harnessing the creative talent of women to support economic growth and stability in their countries by giving them firsthand insight into America’s tech industry and access to the women that are so integral to the success of Silicon Valley.”

BrightRoll is a strong advocate for women in technology and we’re thrilled that three of our employees will be actively involved in the program. From a competitive pool of more than 1,400 applicants across 16 countries, only 78 were selected to be TechWomen mentors. Mentors from BrightRoll include: Shira Kates with a mentee from Kenya, Marie Carter with a mentee from Sierra Leone and Emily Hancock with a mentee from Palestine. Shira, Marie and Emily will provide their mentees with the experience and guidance needed to advance their careers and pursue their dreams.

Announcing the BrightRoll Video Summit in New York | Oct. 1

More than 550 brand marketers, agencies, publishers and technology companies will be part of the industry’s premiere programmatic video advertising event.

The fall BrightRoll Video Summit will be hosted at Gotham Hall during Ad Week in New York, Wednesday, October 1. This invitation-only event showcases the latest programmatic technologies and collaborative solutions for digital video buyers and sellers. Together with industry leaders, the event will take an in-depth look at how programmatic technologies are driving massive change in an ever-evolving digital video landscape.

Visit the BrightRoll Video Summit website for more details.

On-time and in-budget campaign delivery with real-time pacing

Campaign success is dependent on a number of factors — campaign delivery within budget being one critical factor. Our platform minimizes waste and delivers superior performance for advertisers through advanced technology that enables faster and smarter decisions.

Real-time pacing for campaigns ensures the right number of impressions are delivered at the right time. During campaign set up, BrightRoll console customers can select the following pacing options:

Realtime Pacing

The BrightRoll platform measures and processes massive amounts of data efficiently, which allows us to provide our customers with insights about inventory and campaign performance to drive results. Powered by fast, highly scalable and low latency infrastructure, our technology empowers advertisers with campaign data and insights continuously for immediate actions. Not only that, with web and mobile targeting and the ability to frequency cap, the BrightRoll platform ensures minimal waste on any screen which translates to better results for our customers.

Check out more about the suite of features transforming programmatic buying on the BrightRoll console.

Maximize campaign performance with viewability data from MRC-accredited Moat, now on the BrightRoll platform

The next milestone for video viewability is here. The Media Rating Council (MRC) has lifted its viewable impression advisory for video advertising. What does that mean and how does it impact the video ad world? Advertisers and publishers can now buy and sell ad inventory based on viewability metrics for digital video advertising. This means brands can plan campaigns based on the viewability rate across sites and pay for ads that are actually seen by users.

BrightRoll is the first programmatic video ad platform to integrate an independent MRC-accredited viewability measurement partner. With viewability data from Moat available via the console, BrightRoll is the only platform in the industry to provide end-to-end viewability solutions. This provides customers with confidence that their video ads are delivered in-view:

  • Maximized campaign viewability: Robust product suite that maximizes the opportunity for ads to be seen resulting in more efficient ad spend and ROI.

  • Unbiased, independent, MRC-accredited data: BrightRoll believes that viewability is best measured by independent MRC-accredited partners such as Moat whose revenue is not tied to media spending.

  • VPAID and iframe compatibility: The integration with Moat enables BrightRoll to collect viewability data across the full universe of ad formats including those served on iframes.

  • Based on platform-wide data: Customers can make inventory decisions based on highly reliable viewability performance data collected across campaigns on the BrightRoll platform. Instead of sample data-based estimates, this high quality data enables better campaign planning and performance.

  • All customers, all campaigns, no cost: BrightRoll’s viewability suite is available to all customers, without any fees or markup. 

To learn more, download Viewability Measurement for Video: An Industry Overview, a comprehensive whitepaper that provides compelling research and insights including measurement benchmarks for publishers, sites and player sizes.

Check out more about the BrightRoll console and the suite of features transforming programmatic buying.