Are Some Brands Too Sexy for Print? (Part 3: Intersection of Social and Video)

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We recently talked about the continual growth of the online video ad industry, and how mobile content will continue to emerge as a serious driver for advertiser revenue and consumer engagement.

With an anticipated $3 billion value by 2012, advertisers and technology companies will for the most efficient ways to serve more relevant and interesting content to the consumer, wherever the consumer accesses content.

At the Intersection of Social and Video

Today, we look at how, where and when “social” intersects with video.  While the online video advertising tsunami pours opportunity into connecting marketing plans, social media continues to reign supreme, making the tsunami look like a ripple on the larger online landscape. However, companies are finding high value at the intersection of online video advertising and social media.

The auto industry is a prime example, launching Facebook campaigns as the platform to announce new vehicles and as a means to connect with the evolving social consumer. Kia Motors, for example, recently spend more than $3 million on an integrated online video campaign for the new Sportage model, including video ads on sites like Top Gear and Yahoo, and an MSN home-page takeover. Kia also used YouTube and Facebook as part of the company’s largest digital investment to date, investing 15% more into the marketing budget than usual for the company.

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Ford went “all in” when they launched the 2011 Ford Explorer on Facebook, including a connected marketing plan involving online video ads, executive interviews and offline marketing events across nine cities. Ford also launched the Ford Fiesta, which drew more than 700 user-submitted videos, driving (pun intended)  6.5 million views on YouTube, and more than 3.4 million impressions of Fiesta Movement on Twitter. Dubbed as the “Fiesta Movement,” the campaign also utilized Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and blogs to share online video content and social information.

What this means for Consumers: If you’re among the select group of highly influential, engaged and industry-focused consumers that help generate this coveted “buzz” marketing brands crave, expect to be offered deals and unique opportunities as companies figure out new, creative ways to launch products primarily through viral, grassroots methods.

What this means for Advertisers: Your consumers, critics and industry pundits are currently discussing your brand and marketplace, whether you know it or not and whether you like it or not. Online marketing tactics, ranging from social media to online video, are key to customer loyalty and brand differentiation. Like Ford, advertisers should be prepared to integrate TV adverts, home-page takeovers and video ads – customers are watching , so it’s time to embrace online video as a serious marketing tool to bring your campaign to the online masses.